How to choose Beefy Coin Limited

Eight dimensions to create a seamless trading experience; multiple guardianship to firmly lock the capital security. Beefy Coin Limited ECN knows what you want and what you can't think of

24 hours technical support

24 hours technical support

100% account separation

Customers' funds are deposited in nab bank independently, which makes the transaction free from worries


The order is bridged into ECN system through STP and automatically matched

Up to 400 times leverage

With small and broad transactions, the utilization rate of funds can be maximized

Ultra thin point difference

Docking with multiple liquidity providers, nearly 20 layers of market depth display

Steady execution

The main server is located in Equinix ny4, with DC in Hong Kong / Taipei / Singapore

All round training

Covering transaction psychology / method / system, risk / capital management and strategy development

Devoted to service

One stop foreign exchange value-added services, so that your transaction less detours

At this moment, the beginning of a new era of trading

The real-time and accurate quotation system, the depth of liquidity, the one-step execution speed and the steady and smooth trading environment make Beefy Coin Limited worth your stop!

There is a shortcut to foreign exchange, so it's easy to trade

Beefy Coin Limited APP——iEx Oline Beefy Coin Limited is coming! It is a foreign exchange trading service software integrating foreign exchange, commodity, cryptocurrency learning, news information and account management.

High tech - synchronize with the official website CRM system, manage accounts anytime and anywhere
Deep connotation - to establish an effective trading system for beginners; Select the actual combat dry goods carefully for the talent; Provide comprehensive special training for partners
Refined technology - Overturn the traditional ingenuity design, intuitive and friendly interface, the major functional areas at a glance, the inner page branch level
Wide field - not only your cloud tutor in foreign exchange learning, but also your palm treasure in controlling the market, but also your personal housekeeper in managing assets

  • Trading global foreign exchange markets in one account

    Beefy Coin Limited iEx Online Trading Platofrm has friendly interface and rich functions, which is suitable for windows, IOS and Android. With just one account, you can trade all kinds of investment portfolios in the global foreign exchange market anytime, anywhere.

Product diversity, essence first

In Beefy Coin Limited platform, we can conduct diversified portfolio trading, balance attack and defense, and effectively disperse and reduce risks

* Foreign exchange or CFD derivatives trading are accompanied by huge risks
foreign exchange 37+

Leverage up to 400:1; minimum number of traders 0.01; low floating spread

* Foreign exchange or CFD derivatives trading are accompanied by huge risks
CFD contract for difference 12+

Direct market entry; super high speed execution; no repeated quotation

* Foreign exchange or CFD derivatives trading are accompanied by huge risks
commodity 3+

The best hedging trading tool; no trading restrictions; pure transparency, no background intervention

No matter what kind of trading products you choose, we can provide you with excellent spread and execution

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