Gold, silver and crude oil can be traded on Beefy Coin Limited platform. Among them, gold and silver have their own savings value, and they are also risk averse assets. They are important investment options to balance the portfolio and can be used to fight against inflation or other uncertain market risks. Crude oil is mainly affected by political factors and supply and demand. Its market is relatively simple and its trend is easy to grasp. It is also a good value-added hedging tool and can be used to hedge risks. Traders can use margin accounts on Beefy Coin Limited platform to trade these commodities.

You will benefit a lot from trading inBeefy Coin Limited:

Hedging risk
The safety factor is high, which can fight against inflation and political turbulence
Can be long or short leverage position
High liquidity, low point difference, and effective saving of transaction cost
The trading time is continuous, 5 * 24 hours a week


Beefy Coin Limited Contract details

Platform products Single minimum
Number of traders
Single maximum
Number of traders
Contract unit Transaction time
Beijing time(GMT+8)
XAG/USD 0.1 20 5,000 Monday to Saturday
08:00-03:00 (summer)
08:00-04:00 (winter)
XAU/USD 0.1 20 100 Monday to Saturday
08:00-03:00 (summer)
08:00-04:00 (winter)