Margin policy

Transaction time

Spot gold Spot Silver Ether coin Dashi
Daylight time 7:00 a.m. Monday to 3:00 a.m. Saturday Hong Kong time
Winter time Monday, Hong Kong time, 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. Saturday
5 am to 3 pm Monday to Sunday (except Saturday)

Each contract unit

Spot gold LLG / USD 100
Spot silver LLS / USD 5000
Bitcoin BTC / USD 10
Eth / USD 5000
DSH / USD 300

Margin requirements

Spot gold Spot Silver Bitcoin Ether coin Das coin
Basic margin requirement (each) 8000 8000 8000 8000 8000
Lock deposit requirement (per set) 4000 4000 4000 4000 4000
Margin requirement for liquidation (each) 8000 8000 8000 8000 8000
Minimum bid ask spread $0.50 $0.04 $40 $3 $3
interest Determined by market interest rate Not applicable

Contract interest

commodity purchase Sell
London King -2.25% -0.75%
London bank -2.25% -0.75%

Daily interest calculation equation

LLG/LLS Opening price × Contract unit × US dollar exchange rate × Interest rate × Number of positions ÷ 360 days

Trading limits

LLG/LLS/BTC/ETH/DSH The trading limit for each bid price is 0.5 to 30 sheets

Price limit list

The validity period of the limit order is today (that is, the close of the day) and Friday (that is, the close of the Friday). The price of the price limit order must be different from the current market price.
If the customer has entered into the closing price limit sheet, the company will only execute the open position contract held by the customer when it reaches the set price. If the customer does not hold the open position contract at that time, the company will cancel the closing price limit order.

That is to say, the market points

At any time, when the net value in the customer's account falls below 1% of the basic margin, the company will close all open positions in the customer's account at the market price. After the contract is closed, the customer will still be responsible for the loss in the account.

Profit and loss calculation:

(put bid - bid price) × Contract unit × Number of positions × Exchange rate + / - interest (if applicable)

Daily interest calculation:

The daily interest rate is - 2.25% for buying and - 0.75% for selling

Transaction examples:

[example 1] the customer bought 10 lots of spot gold at US $1600 and sold all of them out at US $1610 on the same day.
(1,610 - 1,600) × 100 ounces × 10 hands × Exchange rate 7.8 = HK $78000

[example 2] the customer sold five lots of spot gold at US $1640 and closed the position at US $1620 the next day.
The profit earned by the client in this transaction is as follows:
(1,640–1,620) × 100 ounces × 5 hands × Exchange rate 7.8 = HK $78000

In addition, if the customer holds a short position for one day, the interest payable is:
one thousand six hundred and forty × 100 ounces × 5 hands × Exchange rate 7.8 × Interest (- 0.75%) × 1 / 360 = HK $133.25

[example 3] after selling 5 lots of spot silver at US $42.1, the customer bought 5 lots of spot silver at US $39.3 on the same day to close the position.
The customer's profit from this transaction is calculated as follows:
(42.1 - 39.3) × 5000 ounces × 5 hands = $70000
The total profit of the client in this transaction is equivalent to HK $546000.

Notice to customers

Abnormal transaction

In order to ensure that the company can continue to provide fair and fair transaction services to customers, the following rules for the determination of abnormal accounts are promulgated:

Definition of abnormal transaction:

1. Abnormal trading usually takes a short time to open and close positions in a very short time;
2. The customer directly or indirectly uses the trading system or computer plug-in software or other damaging tools not officially released by the company for trading;
3. network delay, network failure, calculator failure, quotation error or quotation system vulnerability may cause quotation on the trading platform to not accurately reflect the real-time market price. In order to protect the fairness of network transaction and the rights and interests of customers, Ruili does not accept any behavior of making use of loopholes or faults of the operating platform to conduct order trading.;
4. Trading in different directions and hedging with different trading accounts, resulting in losses of the company due to trading;
5. The number of transactions varies greatly, such as from 0.1 to 0.5 to 5 to 10 in an instant.

Definition of abnormal trading account:

If one or more of the above abnormal transactions occur in the transaction account, the customer's transaction account will be defined as the abnormal transaction account.

Liming International's position:

Abnormal trading will cause unfair situation to the market, the company and other customers, and affect the stability and efficiency of the trading system. The company hereby solemnly declares that such customers and the above transaction categories are not within the scope of the company's services, and the company will take the following measures to deal with the above abnormal transaction accounts:
1. For customers who conduct abnormal transactions: if the company finds any abnormal trading activities in the electronic trading system, the company will immediately freeze the accounts and investigate such trading accounts. If it is an abnormal trading account after investigation, the company will ask the customer to close the position (or the company will implement compulsory closing) and terminate the account within a short time. After submitting the application, the company will return the remaining amount in the account (except the profits generated by the abnormal trading) to the customer.
2. Agent for abnormal transactions: if the company finds any abnormal transactions in the electronic trading system, the company will immediately freeze the account and investigate such transactions. All commissions of agents involved in the transaction account will be frozen until the investigation is completed. If the situation is true after the investigation, all commissions generated from the abnormal account will not be paid, and the company reserves the right to take appropriate actions to the relevant agents, including but not limited to investigating the commissions paid in the past and / or disqualifing them.

Reservation of rights

The company reserves the right to change any of the above terms and conditions. The changes will take effect immediately after they are posted on the company's website.