8 high distribution advantages light up the trading moment

24 hours technical support

100% account separation

The client's funds are independently deposited in the trust account of NAB, a global AA credit rating bank, which is completely separated from Beefy Coin Limited's funds used for the company's operation. No matter whether the order is profitable or not, Beefy Coin Limited has no right and will never use the customer's capital account. In any case, customers are free to pay in and out of Beefy Coin Limited.


Beefy Coin Limited can ensure that customers' orders can enter the ECN matching system through STP bridging technology to the maximum extent, that is, in the international foreign exchange market, and automatically match transactions according to 100% of the optimal price. In this process, all orders, regardless of the size of funds, will be matched fairly, and will never be interfered by any third party, fair and transparent.

Ultra thin point difference

Beefy Coin Limited is connected with several liquidity providers. Depending on the depth of nearly 20 layers of market, under normal market conditions, customers can generally get the closest quotation to the market and enjoy a relatively thinner spread. We should really accumulate a lot in terms of liquidity and spread.

Steady execution

Beefy Coin Limited's main server is located in Equinix ny4 data center, the most powerful IBX data center in the world, and DC dedicated lines are set up in Hong Kong, Taipei and Singapore to transfer the data from ny4 to the terminal, which effectively reduces the delay speed and enables the order execution to reach at a touch.

All round training

In order to better serve the investors who are committed to the foreign exchange industry, we have launched a full set of foreign exchange knowledge systems, such as entry-level essential, Xiaobai Xuehui, high-level Xiehui, IB special exchange, etc. From the aspects of trading psychology, trading methods, risk management, capital management, strategy development and so on, investors at all levels can find their own training programs in Beefy Coin Limited.

Devoted to service

Beefy Coin Limited can provide outstanding one-stop foreign exchange value-added services for business partners, liberate you from brand building, market activities, channel development, trading technology, staff training and other matters, and provide the most professional consulting services for your brokerage business. You only need to focus on the customer maintenance itself, and you can easily enjoy a full set of private customized vertical services in other aspects, so as to avoid detours in transactions.