Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Beefy Coin Limited respects the customer first service concept and attaches great importance to the maintenance and confidentiality of customer privacy, which is also the core responsibility of Beefy Coin Limited operation. As a result, Beefy Coin Limited has specific policies to protect your personal information. It also explains to customers how Beefy Coin Limited collects personal data and how to disclose, use and protect such data. Therefore, please read the following privacy policy carefully before accepting Beefy Coin Limited's service.

Gathering information

In order to provide you with exclusive services,Beefy Coin Limited will collect your personal non-public information from these channels, including:

  • In your account application (real account or analog account), you can provide valid information that can identify your personal identity (e.g., your name, e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth, ID number, passport information, driver's license information, past investment experience, investment target, etc.).
  • The information you get when you trade through Beefy Coin Limited system. Beefy Coin Limited maintains records of all transactions and activities in the customer's account, including (but not limited to) the closing information of the customer's account.
  • Beefy Coin Limited also collects customer information from public sources, such as the company register, to collect customer information. Beefy Coin Limited will hold customers' personal data in strict accordance with the Australian privacy principles of the Privacy Act 1988 and the privacy amendment (increased privacy protection) act 2012.
  • When personal data is collected by a third party (other than the client), Beefy Coin Limited will take compliance steps to ensure that the client is aware of the collection and has read the relevant provisions of this privacy policy.
  • In order to prevent disputes between Beefy Coin Limited and customers, telephone conversations between customers and Beefy Coin Limited staff will be recorded. The recording source file or copy file can be used to resolve any dispute between the customer and Beefy Coin Limited and comply with Beefy Coin Limited's legal obligations, including the requirements agencies and other government organizations.
  • Beefy Coin Limited generally does not collect sensitive information unless it is authorized or required by Australian law or court / tribunal order; there are suspicious illegal activities or major misconduct, or acts that may threaten the operation of Beefy Coin Limited; if not, Beefy Coin Limited will not be able to perform services for you and meet your needs.

Use or disclosure of personal information

Beefy Coin Limited takes reasonable measures to ensure the security of your personal information. Unless required by laws and regulations, we will not disclose personal and non-public information to a third party. The main purpose of Beefy Coin Limited's use and disclosure of personal information is to collect, as well as other situations under the legitimate authorization of individuals. For example, under these circumstances, we may disclose or report such information:

  • As long as we comply with relevant securities laws and regulations, for the purpose of analysis, research, market data editing, product creation, order delivery and execution relationship establishment or any other legal purposes, we will disclose your personal information to the third party authorized by us or the third party we think can establish a contractual relationship, or associated or joint company, agent or other authorized machine Direct or indirect director of the organization or execution of your services. In this case, we will prohibit the use of personal information by third parties unless it is for a specific purpose. We prohibit others from using your information for the purpose of direct marketing of products or services. We also guarantee that all the people described here adhere to the terms of the current policy and implement reasonable measures to protect your privacy.
  • In relation to or in connection with any purpose of complying with any law, regulation, decree or order of body, including providing any such information to any such body as required by law or regulation, cooperating with law enforcement agencies organizations.
  • Promote Beefy Coin Limited products and services to customers; any other purpose that customers have agreed to; understand what products and services customers may be interested in getting from Beefy Coin Limited; when it is necessary to authorize, complete, supervise or execute the transactions you require or authorize; maintain and supervise your account; provide you with account confirmation, billing and records; maintain correct records; and execute our customer service To meet our obligations or to protect our rights and property.

Privacy of personal information

  • Beefy Coin Limited will immediately let all new employees and third parties read and help them to train this privacy policy to ensure that Beefy Coin Limited employees and third parties must understand and deal with customers' personal privacy information. If employees and related third parties ignore Beefy Coin Limited privacy policy and violate or fail to comply with the privacy policy, they will be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Beefy Coin Limited will take all reasonable steps to protect customer's personal data from misuse, loss, unauthorized use, interference, alteration or disclosure.
  • Unless Australian law or courts / tribunals or other overseas and government agencies (even if they are not included in the federal scope) require the continued possession of information, once Beefy Coin Limited no longer needs the customer's information, we will take reasonable steps to delete, destroy all information of individuals we no longer need or remove personal data identification.
  • In addition, our Internet-based system has strengthened security measures such as encryption and firewall.

Customer rights

  • You have the right to ask us to disclose our right to hold all personal data about you. At any time, you can ask to check the information about you held by Beefy Coin Limited, change any inaccurate or inconsistent data, understand your right to use personal data and prevent your privacy from being violated. You can go to our website Beefy Coin Limited or send an email to our customer service to modify your profile, or contact us now.
  • You are not required to provide us with any personal data against your own wishes; however, this may result in our temporary inability to provide services for you. Because whether all your personal information is accurate, complete and up-to-date is very important to us, which directly affects our complete service for you.
  • If the customer needs to apply to Beefy Coin Limited for personal information, and the requirements are complex, Beefy Coin Limited will inform the customer that additional time is required.
  • If Beefy Coin Limited has reason to suspect that a serious illegal activity or misconduct is being or may be engaged in and involves the functions or operations of Beefy Coin Limited, Beefy Coin Limited may refuse the customer to ask for personal information, provide the customer with the reasons for the refusal (unless it is deemed inappropriate or unreasonable to provide the customer with the reasons), other  matters, and provide the existing complaint mechanism.
  • If you have any questions about our privacy policy, or you find that our employees or the third party who has established a contract with us have any violation of the privacy policy, or you want to make a complaint about how we handle your personal information, you can send an email make a complaint.