Talent pool

Beefy Coin Limited provides competitive conditions for employees

Sales Representative


1. Develop and expand customer resources through telephone, email, interview and other multi-channel communication, and maintain good relationship with old customers at the same time;
2. Give full play to autonomy, communicate with customers in various aspects, find and explore sales opportunities, and achieve performance goals;
3. Improve personal professionalism, optimize service performance according to customer needs, and provide professional suggestions for customers;
4. Timely feedback customer opinions to the company for improvement;
5. Through the continuous follow-up of customers, achieve the performance target on time, and report the progress to the boss regularly.

1. College degree or above, finance, economics, marketing and other related majors preferred;
2. Love the financial industry, have a strong interest in sales, and expect long-term development in the industry;
3. Outgoing personality, good communication skills and strong learning ability;
4. Strong pressure resistance, sense of responsibility, keen insight and reaction to the market, proactive, brave to challenge and overcome difficulties.

Location: HONGKONG